Do I need to hire a venue?

If you only have a small number of children coming to the party then its fine to hold it in your home. But if you are thinking of inviting the whole class, you’d really need to think about hiring a hall. When booking a venue try to get one that has lots of parking for two reasons mainly, the Mum’s and Dad’s who are dropping off the children will more often than not be driving, and if you hire a hall will limited parking, there is nothing worse than having a major traffic jam outside of your child’s party venue as this will delay the party start time and cause unnecessary stress. Also you will probably have lots of trays of food, helium balloons, decorations and Birthday cakes to unload so you don’t want to be walking miles to and from your car after all, you will be busy enough without the added stress of trying to find a parking space, and in some cases having to keep returning to top up your parking ticket as most car parks only let you stay for two hours.

Do we have to provide prizes for the children ourselves?

Well that all depends on whether you are organising the party games yourself. If you book our entertainers to perform a 45 minute comedy magic show then yes the prizes are down to you. But if you’ve booked the 2 hour stress free show, the entertainer supplies all the prizes needed for the games, competitions and for helpers in the show.

Do you limit the number of children that we can invite to our party?

No we do not. Many entertainers only allow you to have 20 children present at your child’s party, and charge you extra per head for each extra child invited. This is something that we never do. We feel the more the merrier and our entertainers are used to working to large numbers of children and to mixed aged audiences.

Do your childrens entertainers only work at weekends?

No, not at all. Our entertainers are all full time professionals, this is what they do for a living. So they work any day of the week and at any time. Although weekends are the busiest times for parties, our childrens entertainers often perform at after school Birthday parties and after school clubs and shows for school PTAs to.

How can I tell if an entertainer claims to be a member of a certain organisation is genuine?

Our entertainers are members of such well respected organisations as The World famous London Magic Circle, The International Brotherhood of magicians, Clowns International and British Equity and The variety Artistes Federation which have all been established for many years and have a rigorous joining procedure.

How come we have had quotes that are cheaper than yours?

You may very well get an entertainer who is cheaper than ours, But as the saying goes you get what you pay for. When you book one of our entertainers you can rest assured that they are fully police checked with an up to date fully enhanced CRB, that they have public liability insurance and that all their electrical equipment has been tested annually, and we can send proof on request. Also this is what our entertainers have chosen to do for a living, week in and week out. And you will get value for money such as a professional sound system, top quality props and great prizes and giveaways. They will turn up as promised. Which when booking cheaper acts we get calls all the time from distraught parents saying that the entertainer that they booked elsewhere has got a better paid job and has phoned them at the last minute to tell them that they wont be at their party as promised. We pride ourselves on our reputation and once a booking is taken it is cast in stone, with written confirmation. And our entertainers will turn up as promised. They are full time professionals and when it comes to your child’s party you shouldn’t settle for substandard entertainers who only do this for a little extra money at the weekend. Our entertainers will make your child’s special day both magical and memorable. But don’t take our word for it check out the many genuine thank you letters and customer comments that our entertainers receive regularly.

How do I pay you? And do i need to pay you a deposit?

We ask you to pay a small booking deposit to secure your booking. The balance is then paid to the entertainer on the day of the show. Unless you are a school, organisation or company that we have previously set up an arrangement with to pay by invoice.

How far will you travel?

Literally anywhere and everywhere. Our children’s entertainers cover shows anywhere in the UK and beyond.

How long does the entertainer need to set up before the start time?

That varies as to how long you have booked them for. If they are performing a 45 minute comedy magic show then it’s usually 15 minutes beforehand. Whereas if the entertainer is booked for the full 2 hour party, they will need half an hour to set up as they will be using more equipment. Disco parties may need a little longer due to the added setup of the lighting and effects used this can take upto one hour.

How much will it cost me?

The reason that only guide prices and example packages are shown on our website is because there are two main factors to the pricing of a party. one is the duration and the other is the location. So before we can give you an accurate quote for your party or event, firstly we would need to know what package you would require ie how long you would like to book the entertainer for, and secondly we would need to know where the party would take place. ie which town or city. So if you would like a no obligation quote simply give one of our friendly staff a call and they will be able to give you an instant price and answer any questions you may have. Plus there are no hidden extras like VAT or travel costs. The price you are given, is the price you pay.

Should I save a parking space for the entertainer?

Yes absolutely, this is one of the most important things on the day. Quite often our entertainers will be traveling to you from a previous booking, so they won’t have time to drive around and around trying to find somewhere to park. They will also more likely than not, have lots of heavy equipment to bring in with them, so they need to park as close to the venue as possible.

Some entertainers offer to make every child a balloon, Do you do the same?

To be completely honest no. The reason other entertainers offer this service is that they are often padding out their show. When you book one of our entertainers to lets say perform a 45 minute magic show. They will perform a 45 minute magic show and not perform a 20 minute show and them make balloons for the rest of the time, as we feel this short changes you the customer and whilst they are being made the children get restless and can start running around which causes mayhem. Our entertainers all usually make the Birthday child a great balloon model and will give balloons out to all the helpers as prizes. It can be arranged if you so wish to pre-order balloons for every child and our entertainers will make them beforehand and bring them with them on the day. That way you get the full show that you have paid for and are not short changed with the duration of the performance.

What if my entertainer is ill on the day or cannot make it to the event for any reason?

Fortunately this very rarely happens, but in the unlikely event of an entertainer being ill or having vehicle problems en route to your party or event, as a company we have many quality entertainers who can cover. That is something that as a company we can provide for you and something that solo entertainers cannot provide. After all the last thing you as a parent needs, is to try to entertain lots of very excited children. So do not worry. We would do our very best to get an entertainer out to you in the very unlikely event there should be a problem.

When during the party should we stop for food?

Generally it is a good idea to stop half way through a 2 hour party for the food break. If booking a midweek party and it is straight after school, it’s a good idea is to give the children a drink and a biscuit to tide them over as they arrive at the party as they may be peckish and this will keep them going until party food time.